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Matthew Horn is a brave knight...

...when he isn't busy being a twelve-year-old boy. Few people have heard of him, which isn't surprising, for most of his adventures happen in other times and places. He and his friends have been around the globe and off it. Gone under the earth and over the moon. Not bad for kids who don't even have driver's licenses.

Matterhorn the Brave™ features four adolescents who are recruited by the Praetorians of First Realm—a mirror world of Earth—to keep an eye on the portals that connect all space and time. When heretics murder the king of First Realm, his daughter, Queen Bea, enlists the kids' help to recover some of the Ten Talis that have been hidden on Earth. The Talis are tangible symbols of the Maker's power. The heretics need these sacred objects for their scheme to conquer Earth.

"Parents, tell your kids to strap themselves in because
they're heading on an adventure!"
- Mimi Baker, Wild Card Reviews