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When heretics murder the king of First Realm—a mirror world of Earth—his daughter, Queen Bea, recruits twelve-year-old Matthew Horn and others to find the Ten Talis. The heretics need these sacred objects for their scheme to take over the world by rewriting its history.




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Book 1

The Sword and the Flute
Matthew Horn is summoned to First Realm by the Sword of Truth. His trip through a portal instantly matures him to adulthood. He will need all his new muscles to stay alive when he goes with veteran Traveler, Aaron the Baron, to medieval Ireland where they come up against kidnappers, arsonists, bounty hunters, wraiths and the shadowy Bonehand. The only thing more exciting than the quest is what it leads to next!

Talis Hunters
Matterhorn and Aaron the Baron travel 10,000 years into the past to Mount St. Helens in search of the Band of Justice. They meet up with Princess Jewel, a Native American girl who talks to animals, and Nate the Great, an Aboriginal tracker with the uncanny ability to disappear. The way to the secret city of the Sasquatch where the Band is said to be guarded is a fight for survival amidst raging rivers, towering waterfalls and deadly volcanoes!

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Book 2

Pyramid Scheme
Matterhorn and his friends are saved from certain death and transported to the Valley of the Kings by two strangers who have tracked heretics from First Realm to Egypt. Follow the Travelers from the City of the Dead to the secret tunnels beneath Karnak Temple; a trip that almost becomes a one-way journey when the Travelers Cube is stolen in broad daylight and assassins attack in the dead of night. Not to mention the cobras and crocodiles!

Jewel Heist
When Princess Jewel is kidnapped, Matterhorn and the Baron jump into the Bermuda Triangle to save her—and arrive just in time to make the lunch menu of a tiger shark! Sara, the water nymph, gets them safely to an island, which turns out to belongs to fierce cannibals. Nate the Great and Queen Bea show up to help with the rescue but a category-5 hurricane ruins their first rescue plan and their next try puts the entire planet in peril!

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Book 3

Dragon’s Lair
The Travelers chase a heretic named Etham to China and land in the lair of Yu the dragon. Etham’s trail leads to the royal court of Zheng, the boy destined to become the First August Emperor of China. Kyl and Elok arrive from Egypt to help the Travelers, but one is killed and the other disappears. The same dire fate threatens Matterhorn and his friends. Only a daring deception, a harrowing escape and a quirky court jester give them any chance of survival!

Rylan the Renegade
Queen Bea takes the Travelers deep into the Greenland icecap to find the one man who may be able to help save Earth—her uncle. Rylan the Renegade is the former Crown Prince who left First Realm before Bea was born, but he wants nothing to do with his past. The secrets of his Talis, his Travel Suit and his access to the Terminus Room hold the keys to the Traveler’s survival—and the Earth’s future!